CAAN Mission, Philosophy, Goals and Vision

CAAN Mission

CAAN provides a National forum for Aboriginal Peoples to wholistically address HIV and AIDS, HCV, STBBIs, TB, Mental Health, aging and related co-morbidity issues; promotes a Social Determinants of Health Framework through advocacy; and provides accurate and up to date resources on these issues in a culturally relevant manner for Aboriginal Peoples wherever they reside.

CAAN Philosophy

The philosophy of this agency is that all Aboriginal people deserve the right to protect ourselves against infectious disease. Education and prevention is focused on empowerment as Aboriginal people are encouraged to learn about the risks of HIV and AIDS and protect ourselves accordingly. To provide Aboriginal people with accurate and up-to-date information about  the nature of the disease, the risks of contracting it, and the issues of care/treatment and support for those infected is the challenge that CAAN employees and directors face each day of their involvement with the agency.

Goals and Objectives Of CAAN

The goals and objectives of the agency are:

1. To provide accurate and up-to-date information about the  prevalence of HIV in the Aboriginal community and the various modes of  transmission.

2. To offer leaders, advocates and individuals in the AIDS  movement a chance to share their issues on a national level by building  skills, education/awareness campaigns, and acting in support of harm reduction techniques.

3. To facilitate the creation and development of regional Aboriginal AIDS service agencies through leadership, advocacy and support.

4. To design material which are aboriginal specific for education and awareness at a national level, and to lessen resource costs of  underfunded, regional agencies by distributing and making available these  materials wherever possible.

5. To advocate on behalf of Aboriginal people living with  HIV and AIDS (APHA’s) by giving them forums in which to share their issues and to facilitate the development of healing and wholeness strategies among the infected Aboriginal population.

6) To build partnerships with Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal agencies which address the issues of Aboriginal people across jurisdictions, thereby improving the conditions in which Aboriginal people in Canada live through a continuous and focused effort.

Spirit and Vision Of CAAN

CAAN is a national Aboriginal organization and as such is committed to addressing the issues of HIV within a Native context. Although the beliefs of Aboriginal people vary widely from region to region and from  person to person, the agency has made a commitment to conduct its  activities in a spirit of Native wholeness and healing. This disease can only  be overcome by respecting our differences and accentuating our unity of  spirit and strength.

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