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CAAN Journal

The Canadian Journal of Aboriginal Community-Based HIV/AIDS Research (CJACBR) is published annually by the Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network (CAAN) as a service to its membership and anyone with an interest in Aboriginal Community-Based Research. Purpose and Audience: The CJACBR is a peer-reviewed journal which welcomes contributions from any author. Priority however, may be given to an author of Aboriginal ancestry/background, should manuscripts of comparable quality be available. First consideration will be given to innovative articles covering areas identified as HIV/AIDS research-intensive which demonstrates the use of Aboriginal Community-Based Research (ACBR) methods or philosophy. Articles published in CJACBR are directed toward several audiences. The primary audience is Aboriginal HIV/AIDS service organizations and Aboriginal people living with HIV/AIDS (APHAs). The CJACBR secondary audiences include community leaders, policy and decision-makers, and anyone with an interest in HIV/AIDS, particularly within Aboriginal populations and communities. Journal Policies • 2008 Policies to Guide Article Submission, Review and Publication format(PDF – 700k) • CAAN Manuscript Release (PDF – 76k) • Confidentiality_Form (PDF – 45k) • Conflict of Interest Policy and Form (PDF – 86k) • Editorial Peer Review Policies (PDF – 150k) • Peer Review Assessment form (PDF – 52k) • CAAN Editors (PDF – 57k) Journal Articles

Canadian Journal of Aboriginal Community – Volume 4, Winter 2011

CJACBR 2011 Introductory Pages
Migration, Mobility and the Health and Well-Being
An Investigation of the Determinants of Adherence
Call for Papers

Canadian Journal of Aboriginal Community – Based HIV/AIDS Research Volume 3

Introduction Pages 2010
Suit the Situation: Comparing Urban and On-Reserve Aboriginal youth preferences for Effective HIV Prevention Messaging
Strengthening Community-Based Approaches to HIV/AIDS & STI Screening Treatment & Prevention among Atlantic First Nations People
Watching the Tide come in: An Aboriginal participant reflects on participating in the HIV Research field and the University Without Walls Program
Addressing HIV/AIDS among Aboriginal People using a Health Status, Health Determinants and Health Care Framework: A Literature Review and Conceptual Analysis
>Call for Papers
Aboriginal community-based HIV/AIDS research and development Capacity Building as a Component of Aboriginal Community-based HIV/AIDS Research
Housing Status and Health Outcomes in Aboriginal People Living with HIV/AIDS in Ontario: The Positive Spaces, Healthy Places Study
HIV/AIDS Impact on Aboriginal Women’s Lives: A Meta-Analysis Review
HIV Prevention with Aboriginal Youth: A Global Scoping Review
Emerging Issues in Aboriginal Community-based HIV/AIDS Research
Call for Papers
“I can’t deal with this alone”: Support for Aboriginal men and women living with HIV
The Effects of Stigma on Aboriginal Women Living with HIV/AIDS
Call for Papers
Life Experiences of Aboriginal Women Living with HIV/AIDS
Ethics in Aboriginal Research: Comments on Paradigms, Process and Two Worlds
Knowledge Translation and Aboriginal HIV/AIDS Research: Methods at the Margins
Negotiating Partnershoip and Ownership in Community-based Research: Lessons from a Needle Exchange in Montreal
“River of Life, Rapids of Change”: Understanding HIV Vulnerability among Two-Spirit Youth who Migrate to Toronto
Call for Paper

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