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National Aboriginal Day Celebrations

by Chas Ko, summer student. Every year on June 21st, Canadians all across the country celebrate the unique heritages, diverse cultures, as well as the contributions of the First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples of Canada. This day is acknowledged as National Aboriginal Day, and this year, I was given the opportunity to experience this [...]

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National Aboriginal Hepatitis C launched May 1st, 2014 in Vancouver, BC

National Aboriginal Hepatitis C launched May 1st, 2014 in Vancouver, BC

                       National Aboriginal Hepatitis C Awareness Month May 2014 Luncheon & Signing Ceremony  gets Kick-start in Vancouver Thursday, May 1, 2014    The Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network in partnership with Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada and the Attendance Project at BC Centre of Disease Control were pleased to launch the 2014 National Aboriginal Hepatitis C [...]

  • Summer 2014 Newsletter

  • CEO Reflections

    CEO Reflections

    The Annual General Meeting (AGM) hosted in Toronto was highly successful with members enjoying the networking, reviewing annual reports and participating in workshops and cultural events. There are 18 resolutions being worked on as we move forward for this year. A special thanks to our Board of Directors for their guidance and support throughout the [...]

  • CAAN Projects and Communications Update

    CAAN Projects and Communications Update

    By Merv Thomas, Director National Programs/Communications This has been an exciting summer for CAAN with many activities and events occurring and the beginning of implementation of the agencies expanded mandate. Wholistic Model through the lens of HIV Early this fiscal year, CAAN staff and steering committee members began the discussions of what the wholistic model [...]

  • Hepatitis C Awareness Campaign, May 1-30, 2014

    Hepatitis C Awareness Campaign, May 1-30, 2014

    During the month of May, in partnership with Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada and the BC Centre for Disease control, the National Hepatitis C Awareness campaign was held. The launch on May 1st, 2014 was held at the Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre. Hepatitis C is a major concern amongst Aboriginal people in Canada. Poor health, [...]

  • Research Snapshot of AIDS 2014

    Research Snapshot of AIDS 2014

    By Renée Masching, Director of Research & Policy “If you wish to understand a man, know the world in which he lives” ~ Rawiri Evans’ (Maori) PowerPoint, International Indigenous Peoples’ Pre-Conference on HIV & AIDS It took a long time to get to Australia – lots of grant writing to find the funding, preparing presentations [...]

  • The Australia Legacy

    The Australia Legacy

    By Trevor Stratton, Coordinator of the International Indigenous Working Group on HIV & AIDS (IIWGHA) The International Indigenous Pre-conference on HIV & AIDS in Sydney Australia: “Our Story, Our Time, Our Future,” http://www.indigenoushivaids2014.com will go down in history as a success story highlighting our past, present and future. The legacy left by Indigenous people in [...]

  • “We Take Care of Family,” Said an Elder…

    “We Take Care of Family,” Said an Elder…

    By Doris Peltier, Women and Leadership Coordinator In titling this article “We take care of family,” I wanted to acknowledge an important reminder shared by an elder at the closing of the 2014 International Indigenous Preconference, in Sydney, Australia. I absolutely love how elders cut to the chase to remind us of our responsibility to [...]

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  • Spring 2014 Newsletter

  • CEO Reflections

    CEO Reflections

    By Ken Clement With the arrival of springtime let us all turn a page with much vigour and optimism.  We are currently awaiting the sign off to a new Contribution Agreement with the integrated model of the work moving forward.  It will be a challenging time as we set on a new direction.  The important [...]

  • CAAN Projects And Communications Update

    CAAN Projects And Communications Update

    Tansi, Congratulations to Canada for winning the Gold in Hockey in Sochi!!  As we wind down the 2013-2014 fiscal year, CAAN is once again gearing up for finalizing all of our year end reports, evaluations and also getting ready for conferences including: 1)the Annual General Meeting and Skills Building Workshops and 2) for the International [...]

  • Sharing our Knowledge in new ways

    Sharing our Knowledge in new ways

    By Marni Amirault When I came to CAAN, I had finished a Masters of Arts in Anthropology which focused on Aboriginal filmmaking and media. It was my hope that I would be able to bring to my skill and knowledge set to my role at CAAN. Interest in Arts-based research is growing in our community, [...]

  • Saskatchewan Indigenous Strategy on HIV and AIDS

    Saskatchewan Indigenous Strategy on HIV and AIDS

    Excitement is building for the development and implementation of the Indigenous strategy in Saskatchewan.  As the rates of HIV and AIDS within this province continue to rise, it is important that targeted culturally appropriate messaging, and programs and services be developed and overseen by a provincial council to ensure that the needs of the Aboriginal [...]

  • International Women’s Day 2014

    International Women’s Day 2014

    On March 8, 2014 CAAN staff based in Dartmouth, NS participated in a rally for International Women’s day linking our research with a call to action in support of Positive Aboriginal Women. This is the speech Renée Masching, Director of Research and Policy, delivered at the Grand Parade Square in Halifax: “It is an honour [...]

  • Assessing Community Readiness Update

    Assessing Community Readiness Update

    By Ed Bennett and Monique Fong The City of Halifax, Nova Scotia, played host to CAANs Community Readiness National Train-the-Trainer session from November 28 – 30, 2013.  Participants came from the communities of Eskasoni, Waycobah, Millbrook and Indian Brook in Nova Scotia and one came from Red Bank, New Brunswick. To start kick the training [...]

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  • Fall 2013 Newsletter

  • Intern Update

    Intern Update

    By Bryan Sparrow, Intern Student This summer proved to be another success for me back at CAAN as I returned for my fifth year at the Musqueam head office. I noticed a very large change in my role in the four months I spent there this time around, and it was great to look back [...]

  • Canada and UNDRIP Report

    Canada and UNDRIP Report

    By Bryan Sparrow, Intern Student As part of our workplan, CAAN has made it our responsibility to follow the social policy that has risen from the 2010 signatory to the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP). Our findings are drawn from a randomized sampling of news articles based on an unbiased [...]

  • The “Sexy Quiz”

    The “Sexy Quiz”

    Quebec Update by Marie-Noëlle Caron for Carrie Martin This season, the First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Health and Social Services Commission (FNQLHSSC) is pleased to announce the launch of the “Sexy Quiz” – it’s a new campaign aiming to raise awareness on sexual health. Accompanied by host, Mickey Moose, the First Nations adolescents will [...]

  • Doris

    Women’s Leadership

    By Doris Peltier,  Aboriginal Women’s Leadership Coordinator Much of the work in the Women’s Leadership file continues to be focused on firming up key partnerships that support the goals of the Aboriginal Women’s Strategy; these new initiatives moving forward in this fiscal year include, ‘research to policy’ work with Native Women’s Association of Canada; the [...]

  • Trevor

    Joining Hands Around the World

    By Trevor Stratton, IIWGHA Coordinator Did you know that Indigenous Peoples largely represent the most marginalized and poorest subpopulations, not only in Canada, but also in the entire world? This truth became clearer to me here in Bangkok, Thailand during my participation at the 21st IUHPE World Conference on Health Promotion hosted by the International [...]

  • Assessing Community Readiness Update

    Assessing Community Readiness Update

    By Monique Fong, Assessing Community Readiness Coordinator, and Ed Bennett, Community Readiness Project Supervisor Fall is in the air! The days are getting shorter and children, teens and young adults are back in school. This summer was extremely busy for the Community Readiness project and the next few months are sure to be the same. [...]

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  • CAAN’s Strategy Project Ancillary Event at CAHR 2014

    CAAN’s Strategy Project Ancillary Event at CAHR 2014

    This session will promote the Refining the Research Response: , initiate dialogue through an interactive presentation, and connect our target audiences including Aboriginal People Living with HIV/AIDS (APHA) along with community, health service workers and researchers alike to inform a plan to get to zero in Aboriginal communities throughout Canada. Furthermore, our CAHR session will [...]

  • CAAN Voices of Women Renewal extension

    CAAN Voices of Women Renewal extension

    CAAN VOICES OF RENEWAL CAAN VOW National CALL-OUT (Poster 1) CAAN_VOW_Application (August 2013)     DEADLINE EXTENDED!!!   OPEN CALL – ‘Renewing the VOW’   (See attached poster & application form. Please distribute widely within your networks!!!)   CAAN VOW (Voices of Women) Standing Committee is seeking new members! Who: If you are an Aboriginal woman [...]

  • CAAN Research Update

    CAAN Research Update

    Please see the attachment for upcoming deadlines involving CAAN’s Research Unit CAAN Research Update

  • Preliminary A-Track Findings released March 28 2013

    Preliminary A-Track Findings released March 28 2013

    All Nations Hope AIDS Network (ANHAN) and the Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network released the preliminary findings of the new HIV related survey among Aboriginal people in Regina on March 28, 2013 with Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region and the First Nations University of Canada. The pilot study called A-Track (Aboriginal Track), is the first of it’s [...]

  • AHA Centre News Blast  January 2013

    AHA Centre News Blast January 2013

    Welcome to the first Aboriginal HIV & AIDS Community-Based Research Centre (AHA Centre) Newsletter! This will be a short reference point for some of the things that are going on in our community! Stay tuned for more to come next month!   The AHA Centre is proud to announce Wise Practices IV! Wise Practices is [...]

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  • Community-Based Research Update, East

    Community-Based Research Update, East

    By Marni Amirault, Community-Based Research Manager (East) If you’re like me, you’re sitting at your desk, looking at the calendar wondering where on earth the time has gone! We’re more than half way through 2014, if you can believe that. This summer has certainly flown by and I think that’s because it’s been – for [...]

  • Community-Based Research Update, West

    Community-Based Research Update, West

    By Sherri Pooyak, Community-Based Research Manager (West) Since the last newsletter came out Marni Amirault and I, the Community-Based Research Managers with the AHA Centre, have been incredibly busy attending conferences where we are talking about the AHA Centre and promoting the work that CAAN is doing. One of the best trips this year was [...]

  • Family Matters Update

    Family Matters Update

    By Carrielynn Lund, Research and Policy The Family Matters project serves as a response to a request from our membership to find out which programs and services are available for families living with/affected by HIV. So far, a preliminary literature has been completed and an ongoing search to the completion of the research to make [...]

  • Assessing Community Readiness Update

    Assessing Community Readiness Update

    By Ed Bennett & Monique Fong We are aware that harm to Aboriginal individuals, families and communities resulting from substance use is immense – reaching across and through generations. There are many ways harm from drug use is experienced, including the break-down of relationships, violence, loss of financial security, illness and disease and death. Moreover, [...]

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